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Start the Buying Process

Don’t start at item #6, every buyer needs to start at the beginning

#1a) For cash buyers, have your bank email a ‘Proof of Funds’ letter (for mortgages see below). MLS rules require REALTORS to have either this letter or a bank pre-qualification letter to schedule showings.

#1b) OR, choose a great Loan Officer
(Click here for article on How to Choose a Great Lender)
(Click here for Buyer- recommended lenders).
Like the people in any industry (real estate included), you can find the good, the bad and the ugly. Choosing a competent, local lender can make or break your buying experience.

#2) Get pre-qualified (with a competent, local lender)
This is very easy and is your ticket to enter the big event. A major draw to for Sellers to list their home on the MLS with a REALTOR for you to see, is the promise that agents will only show their house to Ready, Willing and Able buyers. In exchange for this service, BUYERS can expect LISTINGS will be ready for them to see,when it fits Buyers’ schedules, that are clean & priced competitively, with pets gone or kenneled and nobody home when possible.

#3) Meet with your REALTOR (click here to set an appointment). This is important for rookies and veterans alike, to get updated on the current local real estate market trends and prices. Learn about the recent changes in the process, which are continuous, and over time are often dramatic.

#4) Search for houses online (click here). Use a website connected directly from the MLS like (Trulia and Zillow are not, and are filled with outdated information). This is the link to the best mobile app for up-to-the-hour Listing information use the AGENT KEY: natemoquin

#5) Drive by the properties you would like to see before scheduling the showings. Once you request a showing, you set a series of events (and emotions) into motion. The sellers get excited, because this could be the showing that brings a great offer. They clean like crazy, stop what they are doing, get the pets out, pack up the kids and leave the house for an hour or so. Your agent will take time out to book the appointment, then drive to meet you there and show it. You get excited, because this could be the one, and you take time out of your day to visit the property. If you will rule the house out before even going in, because you can hear traffic noise in the distance or it is too close to a business etc, it ends up being a disappointment and waste of time for all involved. Rule out as many properties as you can before requesting a showing by driving by them all first. (This is twice as frustrating for sellers if the buyers haven’t yet proven they are able to finance the home)

#6) Schedule 3-8 showings in one block of time with your REALTOR. Once you’ve ruled out the properties you found online by driving by them all first, group showings of the remaining properties in the same day, back to back so you can compare them to each other, while they are all still fresh in your mind.

#7) Write a smart Offer. Price is only one of many ways you can strengthen your offer. I will strategize with you to write a competitive offer based on the current market. Buyers often forget they are competing with many other buyers at the same time. They focus so heavily on “getting a deal like on TV” that they lose out on several great homes first, before they write a smart offer.

#8) Work through all the steps to Closing with your REALTOR
This is a long and complicated process. As your agent, I will keep all parties communicating with each other (Inspectors, Listing agent, Loan Officer, Underwriter, Title company, Appraiser, Contractor etc). and will break the process down into small, manageable parts with a specific timeline.

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